Angela Gorgas started taking photographs as a teenager and went on to study Graphic Design and Photography at Hornsey College of Art. She lived and worked in Paris and New York in the late 1970's but is now London based. Her photographs have been widely published in a variety of media including the Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, New York Times, Paris Review, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, the autobiographies of Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens and also on BBC 2 Culture Show: the Charlie Rose Show in the US.

Her most recent exhibition called Martin Amis and Friends, took place at the National Portrait Gallery, London, between January 10th 2009 and September 13th 2009. She has since been working in collaboration with the English National Ballet and is, additionally, working on a photographic portrait project about women with breast cancer.
main pic
Angela Gorgas | 2013
copyright Jasper Sutherland